What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is defined as: “The process of finding out the best keywords for a web site and by the use of optimizing the web site along with other off-page work making that web site attain a higher position in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) for those selected words.”

Why my website’s ranking not improving?

The rules for each engine ranking methods are always changing, and involve a number of factors. Below are three of the many reasons why your website may have poor ranking:

  1. No TITLE tag content
  2. High key-word density can be categorized as spamming
  3. Missing header and alt tag content

What is my site ranking dependent on?

Site rankings are dependent on numerous factors, whose list and importance is consistently changing as Search Engines continue to innovate. Some of the factors are:

  1. Targeted keyword phrases
  2. Industry competition
  3. Geographic extent of target market
  4. How efficiently site is tweaked for SEO optimization
  5. Inbound Links
  6. And many more!

What is Google “PageRank”?

This is a rating which Google publish approximately  quarterly showing how your site is performing relative to other websites in the search engine rankings.

How do I know when Google last visited my site / page?

If you search for site:xyzy.com on Google, in the search engine results – just below the blue link to your website home page, there is a “cached” link. If you click on this cached link you will be taken to the Google cached version of that page. At the top of this cached page you will see the date when Google last took a cached snapshot of that page. This is the same date that Google last crawled that page. You can do this for any page on your website in order to see the date it was last visited / indexed by Google.